Friday 9 July 2010

Well the end of the school year is fast approaching and if there's one person I must thank it's Gavin and James' piano teacher Octave.
Yes I know it's a cool name for a piano teacher but not so strange when you consider he was from a musical family.
He has coaxed and urged my two less than motivated boys on for many years now but this year in particular was difficult, and while they may not have achieved the level they were capable of, it was not from lack of trying on Octave's part.
Actually when you consider the amount of effort they put in they did brilliantly - due largely to the huge effort Octave invested in them in the final weeks before their exams.
The background was created using alcohol inks - cool peri, salmon, sandal and gold. I then overstamped various music and text images masking off each one as I stamped to create a collage. I also stamped the figure from the Boys Toys stamp from Crafty Individuals on the same alcohol ink background and cut out it out and mounted it on 3d foam. The piano charm is from Karen Foster (same set as the clarinet). The charm was a little new shiny looking so I coloured it with a little gold and pitch black alcohol inks.


  1. Love your background. I'm glad the boys did well and I hope you have a good trip to Australia. See you in september.

  2. love the "old time" look, very creative layout for music. not too crowded! i am also a music lover...played flute in school since 3rd grade. learbed a couple more instruments along the way and had a blast in marching band! hope your nephew enjoys it! don't play my flute much anymore...can't remember alot of the music i used to play but i still remember some, just don't have the knack i used to! another scrappy accenter- poohbear


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