Sunday, 1 September 2013

Desperate for a date !!!

The WMS pyjama party ended up going on for another day (I think Claire and the Mr Linky Gadget had a difference of opinion over the definition of midnight) so you still have a few more hours to play along.

If you were here a few days ago, you will remember I wasn't completely happy with the Golden Anniversary Card from this post.  I played around with the pennants a little and ended up overstamping them with the new WMS Mini Pinstripe Stamp - they looked a little plain as they were.  I had to stamp off once on the middle pennant so the dates were legible through the overstamping.

Computer generating personalised items like dates is okay most of the time but sometimes you just need to emboss, and I think those dates on the middle pennant need to be embossed in gold.

I know Just-Rite have systems for printing monograms and custom messages, does anyone know if there is something for creating dates ?  I'm pathetic at lining up small characters like this, so it would need to be fairly idiot proof !!!   I suppose one of those rotary date stamps you find in office supply stores might be adequate at a pinch.


  1. lol, yep Mr Linky completely over-ruled me Kate! Love the navy and gold combo, very classy, but I have no clue about how you could get an embossing on computer printed stuff, and yep lining up tiny stamps can be fiddly. Perhaps an office stamp might be an idea as you say! Fabby to see you playing along and best of luck in the challenges!


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