Friday, 12 November 2010

With Love and from Left-overs.
I just finished a bunch of cards for a friend of mine and this was the last one.
I had a little bit of the fuschia glitter card left over - just big enough for the largest tattered floral and another scrap big enough for the smallest of the flowers. Also had some strips of pink left over from which I punched some squares. When I bought this punch on the internet it was advertised as a 1" punch. Unfortunately that's the diagonal of the square not the sides. I didn't realize a 1" punch would be so hard to find - Wiesbaden came and went and I'm still looking ! Just have to use scissors I suppose.
I bought some great things at Wiesbaden. I also took advantage of the fact that a friend was going over to the U.K. during the school holidays and stocked up on some of the bargains to be had with the stronger euro - without the prohibitive postage costs. So watch this space !


  1. Lovely card. Looks a bit labour intensive with all that measuring and sticking but well worth it. You'll be looking out for more glitter card now?

  2. No not really all that labour intensive. I used the punch that was supposed to be a 1" punch but wasn't. I applied double sided sticky tape to the back of the left over strips I had and punched out the small squares. Trouble was they were so small I had to punch 36 of them to make up the background for the card. If I had had a true 1" punch I could have probably got away with 25. I will need a 1" punch for my new inchie stamps though or I will have to resort to scissors.


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