Thursday, 26 March 2020

Sweet Dreams

I've been seriously remiss in posting lately, but I couldn't let International Epilepsy Day pass by without making an effort to promote its awareness and Timeout has the following challenge to do just that

My youngest son has epilepsy.  He has a host of other problems too but epilepsy is definitely the one which has impacted our family the most.  It's under control for the most part, we went 6 years without incident until last December when he had some seizures over a 2-day period.  He's going through puberty so there are a lot of changes happening in his body and we're hoping that's all it is.  But realistically, we just don't know (and alarmingly neither do does his neurologist).  Also the cure can be almost as bad as the disease, he's so doped up from his 3 different medications that it's impossible to know whether his learning difficulties are part of his condition, his medication or damage done to his brain when his seizures weren't under control.

But he is one of the happiest, loveliest people I have had the pleasure to meet.   I am immensely proud of him!  His enthusiasm is infectious - one of his teachers described him as bringing joy to everyone around him. And we're lucky his seizures are mostly under control.  For some, the nightmare is constant.  There are links on the Timeout Post if you want to find out more about epilepsy and also a personal account of a battle with this invisible disease.

Now onto the card details.  I used some pretty patterned paper and purple card stock to create an easel card which (hopefully) resembles a dream catcher (WPlus9) hanging on a bedroom wall.  I used the same patterned paper to create a matching pillow case (WMS Stitched Rectangles were the best size I had in my die collection) on the inside which serves as the stopper for the easel card.  I used Crealies Stitched Rectangles for the front panel (and inside), because these are a better size for the standard post sizes we use in Europe (and Australia) - A6 cards and C6 envelopes.

Thanks for stopping by, especially if you take the time to leave a comment - your visit means the world to me.  Especially as we are practising social distancing here in the heart of Europe at this difficult time.



  1. oh Kate, my heart goes out to you and your son. As you can see I so know what you and he is feeling-please feel free to connect with me at anytime if you want to chat or just need a hug! Your card is a joy and what a super design-I just love it, all that sparkle and what a great idea to use a dream catcher. We are so pleased you joined us at Time Out x

  2. What a delight your youngest son must be, Kate, to be described as bringing joy to everyone around him ... despite the epilepsy. I do hope the medications that are controlling the seizures keep working for him so that his infectious joy can continue to be shared. Your card is delicious ... the shimmery dreamcatcher is lovely against the pretty pp ... perfect with the die cut sentiment! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Time Out! Hugs, Anita :)

  3. What a beautiful card with the unique fold and dream catcher. Perfect use of the color purple. Thank you for sharing about your son. He sounds so lovely!
    And thanks for playing at Time Out!
    - Shauna


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