Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Sunflower Drummer

In the previous post I talked a little about Silla.  What I didn't say was that she is a very talented percussionist.  In the last few weeks Silla has played her drum during our mass services and this card was for our church choir to sign as we said farewell to her last night.

My friend Helen, who is the choir leader, runs the Montessori Sunflower group of Creches in Luxembourg.  She is an extremely talented and generous person.  She heads up a band called Alizeti - Alizeti is the Swahili word for sunflower .  They gig regularly to raise money for a new primary school in Tanzania.  She also spends her vacation time each year visiting and helping out at the orphanage which is how she met Silla.

So it was fairly important to incorporate a drum and a sunflower into this musically based card.   I also wanted to make it as different as possible from the previous card I made for Silla.  So I've gone for a round panel rather than rectangular panel and traditional sunflower colours rather than the pink and gold of yesterday.  Instead of a sentiment, I've spelt out her name using a treble clef for the S and a pair of quavers for the double L.

I am so happy I found this drum set (from Yvonne Creations) and this Centurion Alphabet Set (from XCut) last week at the craft fair in Metz.  They were both "instrumental" in the design for this card ;) and because they are NBUS I can enter this card in Darnell's NBUS #6 Challenge.

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P.S. Silla was thrilled by her card !

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  1. Kate, thank you for telling us about the sweet and talented Silla! What a blessing to know her! I just love how you took the time to make her such a personalized, thoughtful, and beautiful card. I love that you also shared the happy photo of her with it! You know she is going to keep that card in her treasured mementos forever! Thank you so much for playing in my NBUS Challenge #6! I apologize for taking so long to come by and thank you. Enjoy your day!! Hugs, Darnell


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