Friday, 15 May 2015

Another Surprise !!!

I have been wanting to try this card for ages and with one of the challenges for this month's Waltzing Mouse Pyjama Party being Surprise Him, I couldn't let the opportunity pass by.  

I'm not very happy with the background (and that was before my son put something down on top of it while the glossy accents was still wet), but at least I got the mechanics of the card working.  I can do better next time.

It's a sliding card and as the submarine putts along, the whole message is revealed.  The submarine, the little dude looking through the porthole and the sentiment(s) are from Waltzing Mouse Half Pint Heroes.

This is a slider card which is much simpler and sturdier than a penny slider.  I didn't want the sub to spin - the poor little dude might get seasick.  Basically a thin row of foam mounting runs along that track.  It's attached to the sub on the top and  a piece of card which is smaller than the sub underneath.

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  1. Such a clever card, Kate - love the moving submarine and all of the glossy accents are perfect for the underwater scene :)

  2. This is great Kate - I wouldn't mind a behind the scenes look at the construction- I've yet to make one of these, but it's terrific idea to put a sentiment in the slider area! Super card!!

  3. Love your ocean scene Kate! so fun with all the fish and the shiny glossy accents - so fun with the slider! Julia xx


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