Friday, 30 May 2014

Sharing a friend's work

Just had to share the amazing things my friend Sonya has been creating.  She calls these room boxes.  Most of the furniture she has made herself but what really blows me away is the attention to detail she has.  Have a look at the breakfast tray. Most of these were made from FIMO.  The bedspread, rug and stool were printed on printable cotton and sewn.  The wallpaper was printed.  I created the window for her using a memory box die (grand madison), but she made the pellet herself and I love how one of the net curtains has been caught my a breeze.  She also made the wee cross and bible (this was for a Christening present), and look at that sampler on the wall which she printed and then made a frame for.  She builds the box herself and then frames the front with a picture frame.  They can be hung on the wall or placed inside a book case.

Sonya started this hobby after her daughter Niamh got a doll's house and she started decorating it.  This was her first one but she has made a few more.

The Music Room

 and the Blue Room (a communion present)

 I think you'll agree I am indeed blessed to have such talented friends.


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  1. WOW... you've got a super talented friend there! Awesome project!
    hugs, Asha


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