Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Polaroid Memories

I've not had much energy or inclination for crafting while I've been nursing my son through his longer than anticipated post-surgery recuperation, however I did get this card made for my brother's 50th birthday recently.

I used the camera and polaroids dies from the Sugarpea Designs Polaroid Journal Card.  There is a smile sentiment as part of the set but I chose to use this earlier purchased Impression Obsession Die instead.  I have to say it was fun making up the little camera and reviewing 50 years of memories.  I just love that photo of him when he was a toddler - he was so cute, and that family photo of his confirmation (I took the photo so I'm not in it but I was his sponsor).  There was a photo of the two of us out on the town and a photo of him as godfather to my eldest son. I also found and a great photo of him and our late dad taken in happier days.

There are lots of things I would redo if I made the card again (getting that big polaroid exactly straight was difficult - I'd just put it askew with a piece of wash tape if I had to redo it) but I'm glad I had the idea to add mini polaroid memories - what a great way to personalise a card!  I'm sure he'll love it!

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  1. What a great card. I love how you have personalised it. Your brother must have loved it.


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