Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tag You're It - Celtic Christmas Tags

If there are two things that Claire Brennan of Waltzing Mouse Stamps does better than anyone else in the world, it has to be Christmas and Celtic.  So I've combined both here in these beautiful celtic tags made using images from Waltzing Mouse Celtic Heritage.

I'm hoping these will help sell the many boxes of Baileys truffles and chocolate bars which I have lovingly wrapped for the local Krëschtmart next weekend.  I sure hope it works or everyone I know will be getting boxes or bars of Baileys chocolates this Christmas (or packets of Scottish Shortbread but that's another story).

I'm entering this in the Tag You're It category for this month's Pyjama Party, and hoping that these little treasures tickle Claire's Fancy.


  1. Gorgeous tags, especially love the glitter :)

  2. Who could fail to be tempted - lovely tags and chocolate too - definitely a winning combination!!

  3. These are just gorgeous Kate...lovely seeing the Celtic set for a looks stunning in the sparkly embossing powder. Hmmm Bailey's chocolate and Scottish shortbread....

  4. How clever to use this Celtic stamp for your pretty tags! Love them!

  5. Adorable!! Celtic, Christmas, and I would humbly say Halloween!! These are lovely... hope the sales are "through the roof"!!


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