Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Swatch this Space

My friend Joanne loved her birthday card and asked if I would make some thank you cards.  The same stamp set from Cardmaking and Papercraft  also included a thank you sentiment, so I suggested to her that I make a couple of thank you cards similar to her birthday card but in a selection of colours.  
Creating the backgrounds was fairly easy, but I agonized over where and how to mount the sentiment.  I tried several spellbinder labels but just wasn't really happy with any of them.
Anyway I slept on it and the idea came to me to use "fabric swatches".  I stamped several complementary shades of linen finish card with the WMS Cabin Plaid Backgrounder stamp and cut out swatches using one of the Spellbinders Postage Stamps dies (a present from myself for Christmas).  I was also able to cut some smaller swatches from left over card to use on another project later.  I toyed with the idea of using different patterned swatches and created some swatches using the fine houndstooth border stamp from the WMS Heirloom Patterns set.  These looked fab but I opted in the end to go with the ease and speed of the much larger Cabin Plaid Backgrounder, which could create 4 swatches from 1 impression.
I finished 4 green cards this morning and 4 blue this afternoon - yellow, pink and orange to go.  

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