Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Mini Album for Gavin's Birthday

Gavin turned 19 a few weeks ago and I made this mini maze book album for him.  The theme was Travellin' Gavin and I chose holiday photos from babyhood to manhood to let him see what a lucky guy he is to have seen all the places he has (even if he didn't think so at the time).
I saw a video of a woman's wedding album in which she had crammed a lot of photos into a small space by folding out photos and having photos on the reverse side, and I was inspired to do something similar.  Unfortunately the maze book format doesn't lend itself to this as well as a magic box and was somewhat bulgy by the time I had finished.  Perhaps I had better redo it at a later stage in a magic box format.
With the maze book there is a pocket on each page, into which I fitted another mini album.  Pictures 3 and 4 show the 1st mini album I made.  I was extremely happy with it, however I realized that if I made them all in this format the darn thing would never close.  I even added some journaling - a first for me, but I felt it was important for Gavin to have some sort of story to accompany the pictures.
I couldn't resist using alcohol inks to create some marbled backgrounds and stamping on these. The front cover was a stamp from Stempelwinkel, inside cover stamps were from an Isabelle Norris set, Mini Album Cover was from Crafty Individuals.  The back cover stamp was from a Darkroom Door set.

These 2 photos show a typical page layout - small photo on each side which open up into wider shots.

The last page was pretty clever (even if I say so myself) and involved a 3 dimensional fold giving a long portrait, a wide landscape and a small square photo.
I must say I really enjoyed putting together this album, and not just because it brought back some great memories.  I hope it inspires you to think in more than 2 dimensions.

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  1. Looking great, dear Kath! Good luck with Gavin.
    Best regards.


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