Sunday, 22 May 2011

I thought I'd forgotten to take photos of this card before it was given last month. This was for Simon's friend William's 6th birthday (which had a pirate theme). I even made up the goofy rhyme on the inside. In case you can't read his writing that's Simon "signature" on the bottom.

Unfortunately Simon was sick on the day so we couldn't go to the party, and I could only give instructions on "digging for the buried treasure" to a friend who delivered it. William did find the buried treasured and loved the card - in fact he mentioned it last week at Heidi's party when he saw the card I had made for her.

The paper was printed out from an image of shells I found on the internet, the skull is a Sizzix original die, the Treasure Chest is a Quickutz die, and the coins were made by rubbing a 1c coin with gold foil. I wished I had some multi-coloured glitter as I thought this would have looked terrific as the jewels spilling out of the chest. I'm sure I have some somewhere but I couldn't put my finger on it at the time - perhaps if I do make another I'll have more luck !

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  1. Great work, dear Katherine! Lovely cards AND a superb update on your blog!


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